BrassBlocks is the unofficial steampunk Minecraft server of the Brass Goggles forum.

The server is running a custom Technic pack, based on the Direwolf20 FTB pack, once upon a time. For a quick and easy guide to installing there’s a section below.

As an aside note our pack adds a lot of stuff, but you don’t have to use any of it! Much of the stuff, like marble and red cobblestone are purely decorative and you can play regular Minecraft without a problem! Don’t be disheartened! the Brass Blocks pack mostly adds tiers of advancement beyond Diamond, and you need to play through basic Minecraft to get into the ladder to start the extra stuff.


Getting the Pack:

Paste into the 'Add Pack' field of the Technic Launcher and simply click Play.

Getting on the server:

To apply for the server, create an user account, and send Longeye a PM over at Brass Goggles (Direct PM link. Make sure to read the rules and include the secret code word!

Server Status:

Server Online:
Players: /


These rules generally follow the major tenant; don’t be an arse Be Splendid. If you follow this main rule you’ll be okay, but below are some specific rules (examples spoilered for neatness), including pack specific rules.

  1. Don’t do things to antagonise other players
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    Don’t steal from other players, needlessly kill them, build in their way, mess with their builds. This is pretty common sense, any behaviour that breaks this rule (generally dubbed “griefing”) will result in permanent bans. We try to have a nice community, and don’t want this mess going on.
  3. Listen to the Moderators
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    There is a list of moderators at the bottom of the page (their Minecraft usernames). Listen when they tell you to do something. As long as you’re not breaking rule one there shouldn’t be a problem, but if you’re asked to move a build, log out (for a restart) or leave something/someone alone don’t argue or make a big deal out of it. If you believe a moderators request is unreasonable please simply comply and raise the matter with Longeye via a PM (or if it is my action with warlordjones ).
  5. Claim an Ender storage frequency; then stick to it.
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    For those of you who don’t know about ender storage; there are ender chests and tanks (for liquids). They both have a 3 colour combination on top, and when you join you can request a code. This is the first two colours and is assigned to you so your storage will have the combination [colour 1][colour 2][any colour]. You can let anyone use this, and you can use any third colour with your first two, but without permission don’t use other combinations. That said ender storage is not secured: use tesseracts for secure transporting, using the “private” setting. Try not to request a frequency if you don’t know what it does, or if you’re not at the stage of using it yet! If you’re in a group with others, consider banding up to save frequencies for everyone else. There is a list of ender frequencies here on the site for reference.
  7. No quarries or other extreme eyesores in the Overworld, only use Ender Quarries!
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    Quarries are destructive things, and the overworld just can’t support them. There will be a Mystcraft world built (possibly with high-density ores) and it will be free to use. Keep all automated mining to this world. It will be regenerated every now and then, but you’ll have plenty of warning to remove machinery if that happens. Not done yet! The keyword is 'asparagus'